Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I love beginning new classes. I feel so much more prepared and organized.
I bought a larger daytimer that is very useful. I keep all of my lesson plans and appoints in one place. After class is done I leave notations in the margin to remind me to tweak the lesson this way or that. Writing it down right away is really helping me create better lessons.
What are some of your strategies of organization?


Blogger ChingyenG said...

Organization? Hmm, my favorite subject. I actually downsized from last semester. I went from a full size daytimer to a Palm. I love the fact that I can synchronize both calendars in a manner of minutes. What a jewel!
I echo Caroline's sentiment that I feel better prepared this semester. (Though after hearing what Ray shared about last semester being a warm-up, my heart did sink a little.) Just need to remember that whatever didn't kill us...makes us stronger.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Sally G said...

Anyone who walks by my desk will discover that organization is not my primaray gift. I have kept lesson planners every year. And, frankly, I am fortunate if I have them detailed one week in advance. Perhaps it is because I am teaching materials now that I have never taught before. Perhaps it is because I do not take advantage of the knowledge base left by teachers who have. Perhaps it is because I LIKE flying by the seat of my pants!

9:27 AM  
Blogger melissa m.o. said...

I worry about the teacher who has every lesson plan completed at the beginning of the lesson. As professional educators, we need to fly by the seats of our pants quite often. Each class and each student is different. Plus, there are many new and exciting ways to teach that we should be constantly looking for and sharing with others.

As far as organization, I am not the one to ask! I really do try but am basically a nightmare! I am more of a daily planner type teacher. I will say, that at the end of the day, I leave a fairly clean area and have a pretty good idea where I am headed the next day.

Great comments by everyone!

12:23 PM  
Blogger Cheryl S. said...

Well, my daughter drug me into the world of the Blackberry this summer when my PDA and cell both died. I must admit that I am absolutely addicted now that I know how to use it! I am currently in graduate school (on-line) and working at 2 schools in LPS - so, I have several different to-do lists, e-mail accounts, and schedules to keep organized. The Blackberry (BB) has been perfect for this because all of my e-mail accounts get sent to the BB so I never miss an important notice from professors even if I haven't logged in yet on a given day. There is only one computer for the resource team at my other LPS school - so, it's nice to get my e-mails on BB and not have to make my high school team wait for a response from me until I can get computer time. The BB actually allowed me to take 4 days off this summer (the first vacation I've been able to take during this 3-yr program) and not have to worry about finding a library for an internet connections to check messages from professors...that alone made it worth the purchase! However, I saw on the news last night that I may have to figure something else out if BB can't settle the law suit...just when I embrace the technology they change it!

8:53 AM  
Blogger kleibsohn said...

Organization!?!?!?! I think I'm still trying to figure this one out. Going from teaching Geometry to teaching English is like being spun around on a never ending merry-go-round. I look in the old folders left by me predecessor and they are titled...but you open it up and items are in their multiple itmes, they are completely out of sequence or they are activities from the 70's! This is related to Denise's blog on current technology and materials. How can artifacts from the 70's impact the students of today? So I find myself compiling tons of ideas from all my colleagues and hope that it makes it into the correct notebook.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Krueger said...

I think my organizational skills are the key to my sanity. I'm probably a little over the top when it comes to organization. My student calendar is definitely a good resource for me. This is where I write down all of my meetings and important events. Also, I have a notebook for each class that I teach. In my notebooks I keep all of my lesson plans, activities, assignments, and resources for each class. I also have a folder on the computer for each class, which has most of this same information. This just gives me 2 places to turn to if I'm looking for something. Organizational skills are so important and it's something that I try to teach students in all of my classes by having them keep a notebook for the class as well.

11:05 AM  
Blogger K Schneider said...

I try to be organized, I really do. But, as a Special Education teacher I never know what I am going to be teaching from year to year and even if I teach the same course the next year I am certain the new student's will not be on the same starting point as last years students. With this in mind I've picked up a tactic from a veteran teacher to get a little more organized. He suggested placing all related materials in a manilla folder (a hard copy is a good idea especially when your hard drive crashes) and a road map of what you used the year before. For example, I'm keeping a folder of overheads, hand-outs, quizzes and exams that I used to teach one-step equations with the order that I used them. I'm also keeping this information on my computer just in case I can't find the folder - two places can never hurt! Maybe at the start of the new school year next year I will feel completely organized. I work every day to stay organized and welcome any suggestions that may help!

2:01 PM  
Blogger jaredr said...

I know the feeling. This feeling has been with me as a student as well. I always loved the start of a new semester. I would affirm my new habits: keep up with homework, get help when I needed it, stay organized. Then deep in the middle of the semester, papers would be everywhere, athletics would take up too much time I'd miss homework assignments or studying for a test.
You know how it goes. But there is always next semester to do better, right?

7:34 AM  

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