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Technology At Its Finest

Hello all! I hope everyone is having an Excellent 2nd semester. My question for all of you involves technology. As you may or may not know I teach technology classes here at Arapahoe. Specifically Intro. to Computer Apps. and Computer Apps. 1. I might also be picking up Computer Apps. 2 next year. I'm planning on spending my summer looking at the Curriculum for these classes and improving what and how I teach the classes. What I want to know from you is how you use technology in your classrooms. I would like to know what programs, if any you use and what types of assignments you give. I'm all for using technology across the curriculums, and I think that knowing how it's used in other classes will help me improve what and how I teach technology in my classroom. Your input would be greatly appreciated!


Blogger Jared Robinson said...

I teach American Literature and English 10. I use technology in two different ways. The first is simply to supplement my instruction. I'm sure that most teachers do this as well. This includes the use of the internet to answer student questions as they come up in class, the use of the projector to show multi-media presentations, power-point to show students selections of Harlem Renaissance art, etc.

I also ask students to use some basic technology to supplement their learning. This includes webquests, blogs, concept map software like cmap tools, etc. I hope this is helpful

10:04 AM  
Blogger MickiL said...

I am currently teaching Biology and ERE in the Science department. Daily I use technology to enhance my lessons. I currently utilize power-point most often. I also hyperlink websites to the power-point to demonstrate concepts or answer questions students may have.

In Biology I have assigned webquests and students also blogged about a book they read.

In ERE webquests have also been assigned. The students were given a research project this semester. I referred them to the subscription sites on the AHS home page as a source of information. However, some students struggle with what is a credible source and what is not credible.

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Blogger mmarchino said...

Coming back to teaching this year after being home for nine years I have had a huge learning curve to overcome. I have gone to using power-point presentations, Webquests and searching the internet for real time data that I hyperlink in my power points. I would like to use blogs, but am still learning how to navigate my way around. I enjoy learning how technology is useful, but I like using the overhead and the chalkboard too. I had to laugh today because a student saw I was struggling with the computer and he asked what I wanted and within seconds he had the solution. They are a super technology resource!

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Blogger Melissa Mindell said...

I use graphing calculators on a daily basis but that is probably not the same type of technology you are looking for. Occasionally I have students do research on the internet for math history topics. Any other suggestions for using technology in a math class would be awesome :)

2:05 PM  
Blogger ChingyenG said...

Technology to use with the students...ha, I have trouble convincing some of them to use their planner on a daily basis.

This may be totally off the subject. But I think the best way to incorporate any technology into a class is to make it a requirement. Like blogging. Wasn't for the induction class, I wouldn't have tried it on my own. Now I have done it (and lived to tell about it) and liked it, chances are I might do it again in the future.

3:33 PM  
Blogger melissa m.o. said...

I am glad that you have enjoyed learning how to do this! There have been some great discussions going on that wouldn't have happened otherwise. We had to Blog for our CIT group and I never would have done it or even known what it was if it wasn't for that requirement. Keep up the good Blogging!!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Ms. Fine said...

To be quite honest I don’t use very much technology in the classroom. The only technology that I use in class is in regards to blogging. (Which is outside of the classroom
) I don't use technology often because I don't know how to use it and I don't have access to many things that I could use. I think it is important to keep current with the updating trends in technology because it is our future. I'm anxious to see what you bring to the technology classes. Thanks

11:32 AM  
Blogger tstlouis said...

The guidance office uses technology to a certain extent. Our Post Graduate center offers several computer-based services including career/interest surveys, assessments and college searches. Technology has definately improved the way that students apply to college as well. Every college rep that I have spoken with encourages online applications for faster processing and responses. The same is true for NCAA Clearinghouse and ACT and SAT testing.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Cheryl S. said...

Jeannie - the techology I use is primarily the alternative/augmentative technology (AAT) for the students with disabilities...which you probably won't see much of in your classes. The most frequently used technology is the Alphasmart (mini computer that's portable) - which allows the students to take notes or do written assignments when they are in classes w/o computers. They then download their work to a computer and print it out. There is so much AAT out there - it's great for students with disabilities!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Scotty W said...

One thing the Technology has created is an easier, more direct way to apply to colleges. Most of the applications I deal with here are done online. This also creates more of a problem for the Universities and Colleges as they recieve more and more applications every year because the access is so easy. Many of the applications remain incomplete because students apply on-line and do not often follow through with sending transcripts, ect. I am sure it won't be too long before transcripts will be sent online as well. In the meantime, some paper mailing will still be required.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Mwiebe said...

I primarily use Power Point and the internet in class. We are lucky in the Science dept. to have LCD projectors in every room, so I take advantage of this. I use the internet during lectures to help reinforce ideas and concepts.
Also, we have an on-line textbook so I use that and some of the tools that come with it. I also expect the students to use this online book to do their homework.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Sally G said...

I took a class from ESC last semester, Intel in the Future. It was infromative and I became more familiar with th euse of tehcnology in the classroom. This semester I took a class on Webquests. I now teach several units that use technology as a critical part of the curriculum. I use Power opitn presentations in my ODYSSEY and NIGHT UNITS. I also developed power points for my debate class: PHILOSOPHERS and RESEARCH TECHNIQUES.
Most recently I completed a webquest for LORD OF THE FLIES in which team members must investigate the events ofrom the book as if they were CSI investigators.
How is that for an answer?


10:51 AM  
Blogger kleibsohn said...

In my class I love using powerpoints to introduce books and give the students some background knowledge on what they are going to be reading. Blogging is a whole new world for me. I, like Ching-Yen, would never have discovered this world of blogging had it not had been for the induction program. I feel it is a great way to communicat with evertyone and hear different ideas, opinions and outlooks.

1:01 PM  
Blogger jaredr said...

I recently went to a conference where there was a seminar on using Excel spreadsheets and was amazed at the broad use for this application program.

I read through the comments and didn't see it mentioned anywhere and wanted to share a little on what it can do. Eventhough it is not used that much, it is an extremely powerful application program.

Graphically, students can show data in many types of graphs, charts and tables. These can then be used in papers or presentations, printed in color for greater impact and clarity.

Dynamic models can show how changing one perameter in an equation can change the shape of graphs.

You can model be using statistical package that gives lines of best fit.

You can do probability simulation were a coin si flipped a million times (imagine having a class try to flip a coin a milion times, a computer with excel can do this in less than a second).

Most of us have this technology but don't know how to use it to its' fullest potential.

8:09 AM  

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