Monday, February 13, 2006

Beat me

Hello fellow first years........

Since Ray and Missy have already touched on the concept of grades, lets blog about being immersed into second semester. Embarking on the 6th week of school what concerns, celebrations, frustrations, strategies, helpful hints or anything else could you pass on, that together as a PLC we could help one another with. I think, at times, we get so caught up with out fast paced busy lives that we forget to breathe, settle down, and celebrate and reflect on what is working and what isn't. Here you are "forced" hehehe to have the opportunity to reflect and share they way you feel.


Blogger melissa m.o. said...

Along these lines, I would like to know as an Instructional Coach what has been helpful and supportive for you as new teachers and what has been a waste of time. Ray and I are always trying to improve our program for the next year and actually met with the IC's at LHS and HHS. Their programs are completely different! Do you think the year should be started different? Should more time be spent on instruction practices in our Induction Meetings and less on culture? Just throwing some questions out there!

7:59 AM  
Blogger Cheryl S. said...

As an itinerant teacher, I think what the Instructional Coaches & mentors provide is extremely valuable! I was at three different schools each of the three years out in Elizabeth with no mentor/coach to go to with questions - it was all trial and error. It's so nice to have both w/ LPS - a lot fewer errors on my part and much less frustration and mis-spent time :-) I had a good sense of the spoken and unspoken rules/expectations of both buildings administrative teams in LPS before I ever had to interact with them. It's also nice to have someone to go to with ?s or tough situations without worrying if the content of the discussion will be brought up during an evaluation! In my opinion, the amount of time alloted to both culture and instruction has been well balanced.

9:51 AM  
Blogger rayh said...

Thanks Cheryl! I hope we hear from the rest of you related to Melissa's question as we really do care how you invest your precious time with us.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Caroline S said...

GO Coaches! I like knowing a have a support team to go to.
I would like an induction meeting to show us how to set up a web page for ourselves. MAny of the teachers have one associated with the scholl and I beleive with the push of keeping up with times that we should go along with the technology age.

8:23 AM  
Blogger MickiL said...

The induction program has been valuable to me as well. I remember my first year of teaching and being thrown into the job with no support system. It was a difficult situation. The past two years I was a mentor for new teachers so I definitely believe in the need for the program. I felt the beginning of our induction program was helpful, I like to know about the culture of the school. I agree with Caroline that we could benefit from a web page class. One of my goals was to have my web page working by second semester. I asked Randy Stall to help me with that and he came out during one of my off hours to help Missy Marchino and I. He gave me the basic information, but I would like to learn more about web design (I want more bells and whistles on my web page).

Regarding what Melissa posted I think we have a lot to celebrate. We are through the 1st six weeks of the 2nd semester! I am most excited to sit down this summer and start tweaking my lessons. I want to keep what worked well this year and change what didn't. I also hope to take some classes that will benefit my teaching.

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Blogger K Schneider said...

I also believe that the induction program works well here in LPS. I found it beneficial to have a team of people to go to with questions/concerns or to celebrate with when things went well.

I'm celebrating that it is already the 2nd six weeks of the semester and things are moving so smoothly. I'm a little worried that it is the calm before the storm with CSAP's coming up so quickly. Being new to Colorado it will be an interesting learning experience, although I suspect the process isn't much different than in Nevada.

To touch on Melissa's blog I am celebrating the wonderful relationships that I have with many of my students and the fact that many of them stop by during the day to touch base with me. I am also celebrating the friendships that I have formed this year with so many outstanding people in this building. That is the added bonus to teaching!

7:39 AM  
Blogger lgaffney said...

The most valuable part of the induction program for me has been the observations and one-on-one conferences. The observations help me to get used to having someone in my classroom and being vulnerable. Dedicating an hour or so to reflecting on that observation has also been terrific. Although reflecting is something I think most teacher do on a daily basis, having the additive of someone else's reflection and dedicating an hour of time to this process has made it more valuable for me. I have also enjoyed getting to know people in other parts of the building--it's always nice to see a friendly face!

11:25 AM  
Blogger Krueger said...

The hardest thing for me this second semster is teaching 2 new preps. Most of my time is spent planning for these new classes. I am also grateful to have the support of our 2 wonderful instructional coaches. Knowing that you have someone to turn to for just about anything is a terrific feeling and has definitely made my first year at Arapahoe run alot smoother.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Jared Robinson said...

The observations that Ray and Melissa have done in my classes have been a great help for me. There is something powerful that happens when teachers get together to talk about teaching. I definitely feel like I have developed as a teacher in my attempts to help students see the purposes behing class time and in reaching out to different kinds of learners. I also appreciate the spirit of collegiality that has come from the orientation meetings. It is always nice to see your smiling faces in the hall.

6:56 AM  
Blogger Caroline S said...

I would love to learn how to put together my own webquest. I plan on taking a class this summer on how to put one together for accounting careers. I find that technology is changing at lightning speed that to keep up teaching with it is going to be contant education experince for me.

7:34 AM  
Blogger tstlouis said...

I appreciate the support of the ICs, but I do admit that I have a hard time with the "weekly assignment" of journaling or blogging. It seems like with the way things move in the counseling office, as soon as I try to make time to do it, something else comes up. Lately I've had to just close my door and try to bang it out.

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