Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Questions for a Counselor?

Hey guys--
As we go through this induction program, it seems that much of the material is geared more for teachers than counselors. I know we took a brief tour through the counseling office earlier in the year so that you are familiar with us. I was wondering what questions you have about my (our) role in the counseling office and how we can better help you guys out as teachers. I know you hear from us when we are going through schedule changes, but is there any other questions or concerns you have as new teachers?


Blogger Melissa Mindell said...

Due to the new semester and new students I have run into one issue with one of my new students. She has just been passed along with the same issues. She is always absent or tardy and she interupts my lessons to ask for individualized help to catch her up. I have contacted home and her mother just says she has been sick and would like it if I would sit down with her and catch her up. She has missed about 5 days already and so...my question is this: if I write a referral for her absenses and academic concern what good is that going to do for her if this a reoccuring habit? I have spoken to many other teachers that have had her and then did write referrals and contact mom and dad and the same situation is happening over and over again. Any suggestions would be great :) Thanks!!! Oh, and Congrats on your new baby boy!!!

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Blogger melissa m.o. said...

Scott, you raise a good point with induction and the focus on teachers. I would love suggestions for next year as we will have one new counselor. What kinds of things would you have liked to hear or been involved in?

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Blogger Ms. Fine said...

Scott -
Great question and right up my alley. Currently, I'm in a masters program for school counseling, so I look forward to hearing from all of you!!! I think that the idea of the role of a counselor has changed. Counselors are not there just to counsel, and it seems (from a teachers perspective) that now counselors deal with paperwork. How much time do you have to truly meet with students and develop meaningful relationships about issues in life?
One of the aspects of the counseling process that I get frustrated with is the follow- up. When I submit a referral, sit in a student review etc. I never hear what the follow –up plan is going to be for those students. I think it would be beneficial to know this in order to help support the counselors as well as the student in excelling and doing his/her best. Are there any suggestions or answers to these questions that could be affecting my life at some point?

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Blogger rayh said...

Scott - Thanks for raising the question and offering staff members the opportunity to share thoughts and concerns! What do you think and hope you can do with that info? Might we be able to provide you a forum in Induction class to address those things that have been raised for the connseling office? i echo Melissa"s sentiment as well about how we might be able to make our efforts more worthwhile for you.How might you do things differently?
Would having a session with problems such as Missy raised be helpful for all concerned. We could also get Ching-yen's perspective as well? What do you think folks?
Melissa - You raise the issue of follow-up. I think that is vital but I think a lot of things get in the way. It was the greatest weakness of our CARE program when we had it at AHS. Can we talk about this?

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Blogger Scotty W said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I do think it could be helpful if we had a question and answer type session in one of our induction meetings where Tom and I can try and answer some of your questions.

Missy, that is a tough and seens to be a reoccurring problem. I would suggest that before you write a referral, talk to me (or whatever counselor) about it. Many times, the parents are enabling the student and I need to relay that message to them. A student should rarely be sick or tardy so much that it keeps you from moving forward. In some cases, we can move to homebound if the student can't attend school. But that is a tough one.

Melissa, you are right about the follow up on the referrals. Most of the time I contact both the student and parents regarding the problem. I then forward my comments to the appropriate Ass. Princ. If it continues, then we can request a student review. The communication channel may need to be re-thought so you guys get the follow up info.

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